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Friday, September 26, 2008

Smart Working

I took some time for myself and ran 45 minutes this morning. I just didn't want to rush or push so I did not walk Amber.

Work was the usual. I walked into to find that more stuff had dropped through the cracks but I ducked a meeting and made up ground. Had a conversation with the CFO about on-line tools that would link HR and payroll and do away with the double and triple entry that we are all going through. He is open to it to a level (that level being his lack of vision) and even though the annual costs are minimal he pushed back showing that he is so tight his wallet squeaks. He would prefer to work people into the ground while telling me that he does not appreciate others telling him how to run finance.

Using the military vernacular, he is a decent brigade commander but not a corp commander and it shows. He works hard but is rigid. In the best of worlds he would be retired but the board and the CEO need to deliver that message. I am at risk anyway. I am closer to the team now. Things are reversing themselves. I am finding that more of the staff is just putting in hard time and evaluating leaving someplace down the line.

All totally unnecessary. A lesson to you managers out there: Work smart not hard.

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