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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bailing Out

Another bad start. Not running. I am not running at all. Looks like I may need an MRI on my calf but in any case I will not be running for sometime to come. I AM A WALKER. I can do that and the calf doesn't hurt. I am thinking 8-12 weeks. Not sure yet. I just know that coming back early without knowing what this thing is, will do me no good.

On the work front. I am bailing on an interim contract that I just started. Sort of like getting blown out in the first inning. The job was presented to me by a 3rd party consulting company as an HR generalist but the reality is that it is little more than an HR Admin type of job. Very (VERY) clerical. That kept me up two nights. Not the work but the realization that I had to call the organization that referred me in and tell them that I needed to get the hell out of this job. The idea of staying for 2-3 months almost made me ill. I am much tougher than that but the job duties could be done by a new hire out of college or an experienced HR administrator.

Well, at least I didn't wait too long dragging this out. My problem is that I have had 3 of these in the past year. I have also had several good assignments but somewhere along the way my ability to be discerning has eroded. I don't like letting clients down. That's always been my rule and yet in the past year I have walked out on three of them. And just after the first two, I promised myself that I would be more careful and then walked right into it again. Not saying no is not working for me.

Of course it all may be the universe saying that it is time for me to move on. There is no blaming others. The consistency in my predicament is me.

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