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Saturday, August 30, 2008


McCain chose former hottie, Sarah Palin as his running mate. Happily us American males responded in our classic manner. We went to the internet and typed in Sarah Palin, nude photos. All that has shown up so far is the above picture. Naturally we are very disappointed because it's not as if we don't have enough access to nude pictures on the web. It's just more fun to see naked pictures of a woman who might be the next Vice President of the United States. I promise you very few would have done this same exercise if it had been Hillary Clinton. We did out Doctor Laura and even Donna Reed so anything is possible.

Thankfully, despite the initial setbacks, the search goes on.


Turns out that Robert Mugabe, who has his countrymen bullied and killed on a regular basis to stay in power, is a very generous man.

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Friday handed the country's only Olympic medalist in Beijing a $100,000 cash reward for her performance at the games.

Swimmer Kirsty Coventry smashed the world record to win gold in the women's 200 meters backstroke. She also captured three silver medals.

Mugabe handed the U.S-based swimmer the cash at a ceremony in Harare carried live on state television.

"Our national spirit must exude joy and pleasure and say you have done well, daughter of Zimbabwe. We are proud of you, we wish you well. She's our golden girl ... take care of her," he said at the ceremony.

Excuse the language but what a bunch of crap! Next the IOC will be asking him to host the 2016 Olympics.


I ran 24 minutes today. Dropped by the club annual handicap run, had breakfast. Big Mac called me the invisible man because I have not been around a great deal lately. I guess I am fading away.

I shall return! Or not....

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