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Saturday, August 16, 2008

M's Last Day

Yesterday was M's last day at my present gig. She was really burned out. Her disappointment and discontent flared regularly over the last week. She left suddenly at noon. It was an exclamation point to her last day. I knew she would be gone but the pure peace of it didn't really seep in until I got back from an hour walk. Of course it was Friday afternoon and Friday's can be deadsville in many companies. A few people drifted by asking if M was coming back in and I had to break the news.

"Nope. Gone."

Then they would drift off looking somewhat disappointed because now it was only me. The cute waitress who took such good care of them had left the building. Now it was mostly self serve. They'll never like me as much. The very thing that burned M out is the very thing they all appreciated. Heck, I appreciate it too. I just don't want to be that person anymore because I know the price one pays for being the only gateway in and out of the city. The only trash can in the office, if you will.

As I walked down the hall, it was as if I were invisible.

They were hoping the M would somehow miraculously return.

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