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Monday, August 25, 2008

Who the heck was that guy!

Another day working for the man. I am in the very beginning of a 3 step process of getting out of this job with honor. My friend J is looking for some work after being laid off. If he is willing to step in for me then all I need to do is to convince the other two parties that I have to leave.

J tomorrow for lunch and R for coffee later in the week. If both of them come on board then it is only a matter of my telling M that I need to leave for some bulls**t reason that I make up but that I have a replacement. It worked at one of prior contracts and it should work this time. The only rule I have is that the person who replaces me must know the score.

If all goes well, I will be the "who the heck was that guy" by mid September.

This is all getting way too familiar. I am still better at finding a job than staying in a job.


After walking Amber, I ran 20 minutes this morning.

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