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Thursday, August 07, 2008

For Lack of a "NO"

Coach Rachelle Disbennett-Lee thanked me for including her advice on burning my ships in my last post. I was glad to do it. Her advice was spot on. And yet less than one day after the post I said yes one last time to help solve the situation I presently find myself mired in. I have agreed to transition part time while they find someone to do a longer transition. In other words, to make it really complex, I am transitioning the transition. So I agreed to half days for the next several weeks. Personally I don't think it will float but I agreed to do it because I feel badly about just dropping the ball. But if it doesn't work I will do just that.


I think of all the very difficult political situations I have navigated over the years and this is by far the simplest. It has become difficult because once I realized how base level the work was (is) I did not just say no in the first place. Instead I said it in the second place and yet what has changed. I still show up and do this job, even part time, and that in itself is compliant behavior. It is simply another yes followed by a yes.

I need to be less of a guy on this one. Talking instead of doing.

Well enough talking. If it doesn't float I will walk. Life is way too short.

I can see my wife's eyes glaze over while I rehash this over wine. She acts polite but frankly I think she just looks at me as indecisive. I feel indecisive.

Golly gee, I must actually be indecisive.

So Thursday's BIG Rule is to stop talking about it.

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Anonymous said...


Couldn't resist coming back and taking a look at what you have been up to. Yep I agree you need to stop running!

Also you need to stop being indecisive because I don't really get that is how you are. The whole thing here is when you say yes to someone else you say no to yourself. My guess is there is something better waiting for you, you simply need to let go of what you are holding onto.

Yep you need to stop talking about it, or more than likely complaining about it and move on. I tell my clients that they either need to do something or shut up. And no complaining doesn't equal action.

Can't wait to hear what you next adventure will be.