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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Shores

I once worked in this building. My office overlooked the center portion of the structure. If I walked out on my balcony I was looking right down at the dock and the lagoon. But that was back in 1986 & 1987. For a brief time I both lived and worked in Redwood Shores.

I showed up at work late today. Didn't role in until around 10:30 AM. To top this I sneaked out for a half hour and ran 14 come back minutes over in Redwood Shores. It's a ten minute drive from where I work. It's a place where I lived at from early 1985 until late 1991. It's a planned, idyllic community with ducks and geese and trails and beautiful home. My wife cried real tears when we moved away. It s like visiting the past because even though the place has grown it basically remains the same. In late 1990 my running had slipped from my being an age group competitive 33 minute 10K runner to a point where it was difficult for mt to run 8 minute miles. I decided to shift to an every other day running pattern using a heart rate monitor to keep from over training. I HRM forced me to slow down further. Suddenly to get real recovery I was running 5 milers in 45 minutes.

Eventually over time, I got stronger, my pace quickened and I got mildly whipped myself back into 34-35 minute 10K range. I can remember what those HRM runs were like. I felt like i was running in jello.

Now it is 18 years later and I am out doing 10-11 minute miles, lugging along, trying to get myself back into some sort of condition where I actually feel like I am a runner again. 3 calf pulls have leveled me. I am more of a walker than a runner. I stand around better than I walk or run. If I can come back, the delta is wide.

Work: I am adjusting. This is not good. I know that I morph. I have trained myself to do it. It is what makes me effective as an influencer. I am going tribal. I can feel myself getting stronger. But it is not good. Not for me. Not at this point of my life. Not here. I find myself looking at the tall girl. She must be over 6 feet. Maybe she is in her 30's. I think about her. I feel like she knows that this hobbit-like older guy is eying her. I think I might creep her out. I am keeping my distance. We talk on email.

It's safe and distant. I am out of my league. I am a fish out of water. Maybe 30 years ago but not now. I

Aloof but friendly.

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