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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

昭南島, Shōnantō

I have been thinking about a story idea. But then I am always thinking about stories. My document files are littered with story that I began and didn't finish. Death to a writer. The three book I did publish in the 1990's were ones where I stuck with it. This one may have the making of a book that needs to be written. I rattled off the plot to a friend the other day and she sort of hesitated and then said, "That could be a movie."

The idea is fairly simple.

Singapore in the early 1940's just before World War II and the Japanese invasion. Prostitutes are being killed in the city. Very Jack the Ripper style. A British detective who specializes in serial crimes is shipped off to Singapore to help solve the murders. He pursues the case and feels he is getting close when the war breaks out. He is so close to solving it (or so he believes) he keeps passing on chances to evacuate and ultimately gets caught in the net when the Japanese take the city. He is put in a prison camp. Should be the end of the story but the murders go on and in one of the murders a high ranking Japanese official is killed

The Japanese decide to put their best man on the case and in the course of following the trail he comes across the files of the British detective, finds out he is still alive and in Singapore and goes to interrogate him.

This begin a partnership of sorts between enemies who search together for the murderer.

The working title would be Shonanto which is Japanese for Southern City. It is the name they gave to Singapore after it was taken from the British in early 1942.

I am taking a deep breath right now and just trying to handle the new gig. Once I get that under control (if ever) then I can begin to think about the book.

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