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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mildly Exhausted

If New York is the City that never sleeps then I must live in New York.

But I live in Silicon Valley. Maybe for me, New York is just a state of mind because I drove past the Apple Campus the other day and I know that is in the Valley.

I am mildly exhausted. I am dropping off to sleep at various times of the evening and no doubt will nap away part of the weekend.

The new consulting job is overwhelmingly administrative and I am in the "learning process" with the teacher leaving mid day on Friday. No matter what I do, there will be work that I will have no idea (iota) of how to handle. The person I am succeeding will be reachable on a limited basis because she is starting a new job too next week. Between email and phone I will connect with her and in the meantime just accept that I will be very imperfect for the next little while.

The good news (and there in good news) is that I am bringing in an HR Coordinator in two weeks and we can team this thing until I can silently drop back to part time and let her do the day to day stuff. The problem is how to hold off the CFO (he means well) so I can just do the day to day tactical work and not make too many mistakes.

It is strange that my hiatus from running coincides with this new job. I shouldn't run anyway so that the calf can heal up. In any case, I really don't have much time to run anyway.

Work has closed its eager claws around my existence.

So much for time off. So much for sex, drugs and rock and roll. Just the office and it's pitiless reality populated with friendly people.

I haven't let them down yet.

That is coming.

If I can hang in there then all will change and it will not be as before. That will be good. Uncreating administrative mini-Ming Dynasties can be fun.

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