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Friday, August 08, 2008

Once an aging runner

I have stopped running. My calf was acting up on Monday during my 65 minute run. No serious pain but I could feel it every time I ran a up something resembling a slope. I talked to Bill Bill Tarr about it Tuesday and he said that I might need an MRI. They sent off paperwork to a place that does this procedure but I haven't heard anything yet.

Regardless I am on rehab.

I am convinced of several things.

I am so screwed. 3 pulls in 6 months. Duh!

I need to stop running for a while. Maybe 6-8 weeks. In the mean time I will walk.

I need to come back on flat courses and very slowly. Bayland trails and tracks. I may be driving places to run at first.

I need to get my calf to the point where I can mildly stretch it and it doesn't give me any problems. No stretching right now. That is for later on.

Massage..massage...massage to break up the scar tissue.

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