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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Super Clerk

Now that I have twisted and turned at the end of a rope for the last 5 days, I have committed myself to pitch some innings for a new client. I thought I would be gone but I am not so the challenge is how to up level the very clerical HR function over the next several months while I am sitting in the seat of HR power. We might even call it a throne but more akin to the thrones that can be found on each floor in the bathrooms. If I have to piss or crap I can always go to the bathroom but if I can't make it that far then I go see HR.

That would be me.

I am have decided that I will just go do it and try to win some ground while I am there.

First I had to shock the CFO so he would listen to me. Now I have to learn the base level, clerical stuff just well enough so I don't get slaughtered on the low ground before I have a chance to take the high ground.

If you don't deliver the basic services then no one is interested in what other gems and pearls of wisdom you have to have to share.

The CFO, August 8, 2008

I have no defined strategy..........yet. I spent so much of the week talking myself out of the place I figured I didn't need a plan to be successful. I will reconnoiter for the next week or two while being super clerk and figure out the next steps.

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