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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Silent Running

Silent running, a stealthy mode of operation for a submarine.

I am going into silent running mode at work and home. It is a Silicon Valley Warrior strategy. Go deep, keep silent and wait for destroyers to pass overhead. I might actually be on the bottom of Tokyo Bay or I might be Nemo's submarine in the 1860's. Not sure but in any case it will need to be THAT quiet.

This job requires a constant change up strategy because of the very backward nature of the work. It's like being thrown back into time. The office environment, except for the casual dress is very 1970's at best.

HR tools and systems interlinked with Finance are not held in high regard. They are non existent. The time saving factor that they would bring are not understood or valued. Pushing large amounts of paper is valued. So the only real impactful short term upgrade I bring is to influence HR headcount and try and convince the CFO that this is a two person job. The rest requires a longer term fight and I just don't want to be there too long. I will go into September, get the coordinator up to speed and then give my notice even if I haven't been told by that time to walk.

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