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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Religious Lesson for Ryan Hall

I really do try and run to make God smile and to bring Him pleasure. My favorite times in running are when I am running and just pouring myself out on the track, going all out for Him. I feel like I am doing what God created me to do. There is no better feeling than that.

Ryan Hall on running and God

What if God is a woman?


Ryan Hall just learned one of the great lessons of life. God may have told him to that he should run but God doesn't decide who wins Olympic marathons. Hall ran 2:12 and change and finished 6 minutes behind the gold medalist. I guess God took a day off from helping Hall. Instead he decided to help Wansiru who is only 5'4" tall and 112 pounds sopping wet.

The fittest runners win. They run the fastest times. Hall learned the same lesson that Paula Radcliffe learned in the woman's marathon, supposedly heroic though her effort was seen by outsiders. The fittest runner wins. Not the over trained, injured God believing one.

It's a crap shoot. It's best just to get yourself in reasonable shape and put yourself in position to have a chance to win. Hall was so far back at the half way point that a half dozen runners would have had to collapse for him to medal. Besides Ethiopians are Christians too.

Gold Samuel Kamau Wansiru 2h06:32
Silver Jaouad Gharib 2h07:16
Bronze Tsegay Kebede 2h10:00
4th Deriba Ejigu 2h10:21
5th Martin Lel 2h10:24
6th Viktor Rothlin 2h10:35
7th Gashaw Asfaw 2h10:52
8th Yared Asmerom Tesfit 2h11:11
9th Dathan Ritzenhein 2h11:59
10th Ryan Hall 2h12:33

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